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Escursioni Consigliate

Costa Rica Excursion

Tours in Costa Rica are the perfect match between man and nature in the most authentic expression and original.

Once accommodated at the Residence we recommend, among many possibilities, the TOUR OF all the BEACHES, as first viewing excursion to fit immediately into the environment and know the best beaches of Costa Rica thenyou will choose the one to go during your stay.

Another possibility for the tours is to go down with the boat on the river Tempisque, in ECOLOGICAL RESERVE OF PALO VERDE, to admire the tropical flowers, mangroves, hummingbirds, parrots and colorful toucans, and to meet “nice” crocodiles approaching cunning and curious about be photographed, with a hint of vanity, by our friends on the boat.

Altra possibilità per le escursioni consiste nel discendere con la barca il fiume Tempisque, nella RISERVA ECOLOGICA DI PALO VERDE, per ammirare fiori tropicali, mangrovie, colibrì, pappagalli e tucani colorati, e per incontrare “simpatici” coccodrilli che si avvicinano sornioni ed incuriositi per farsi fotografare, con un pizzico di vanità, dai nostri amici sulla barca.

The CANOPY TOUR instead is a test of how much adrenaline can you produce in two hours suspended from steel wires that used to “fly” firmly harnessed, from platform to platform above the trees of the forest, between the “laughter” of monkeys who see with the eyes and the mouth open al the way.

Volcano Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Rich in forests, canyons and rushing streams, it will offer you the quiet thermal waters, where dive or cover up with the soothing mud that contains all the energy of Mother Earth, and then wash in a stream of fresh water flowing nearby. Finally, you can end the day with a quiet horse ride visiting the beautiful waterfalls, surrounded by greenery of the tropical forest. With a few days time, you can visit another volcano of Costa Rica, the ARENAL, still active, in which the great forest, specifically in the area of  TILARAN, you can meet an ancient tribe of Indians who will take you back in Costa Rica for some hundreds of years ago.

Other excursions and activities in Costa Rica

Naturally, there are snorkelling activities, horseback riding on the beaches, deep sea fishing and scuba diving, canoeing around the tropical islands, the motorcycle tours to wilderness trails, the silent sight of sea turtles while laying eggs, lit only by the moon of Playa Grande.

For golf lovers, finally, we can bring in three 18-hole courses each one to play, surrounded by tropical greenery.

Retrieved health and wellness. Perhaps it is because of its bright light that surrounds you since early morning, perhaps for its natural colors explosives, for the ocean, for the pure air you breathe, or the sympathy of the people, but one thing is certain: Costa Rica is pure energy.

But if you want to feel the force of nature that surrounds you, go on the slopes of the volcano Rincon de la Vieja to an hour and a half drive from Villaggio Flor de Pacifico, or the Arenal Volcano, three hours away, and thermal mud wrap up , gathered in open pools along the trails of the volcano, or immerse yourself in the warm waters before cooling off in the cold stream water, and live the pure energy that the Earth offers you.

Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park, about 157 km south-west of the capital, is authentic nature in the wild, in an environment considered among the most beautiful in Costa Rica. The extraordinary combination of a paradisiacal beach lapped by crystal clear waters, lined exuberant vegetation and the natural charms of the humid tropical forest, make Manuel Antonio one of the most beautiful parks in the country: you will love the ocean and the golden beaches, or you prefer to wander into the rainforest, this park has something for all tastes. Its beaches have the reputation of being among the best in the country, where diving and surfing are very practiced.

Palo Verde

Trip to the natural park by boat on the most important river of Costa Rica with a guide and lunch in a typical soda.

The Palo Verde National Park is located between the Rio Bebedero and the Rio Tempisque. It’s a sanctuary for the study of the ecosystems of its various rivers, swamps, mangroves and dry forests, and this is the destination of scientists around the world. In this park are detected between 12 and 15 different ecosystems.

Its possible to sail on the most important river of the Guanacaste, the Tempisque. While browsing you will observe the natural beauty of this park and the many animals: crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas and thousands of migratory birds like the Ibis White, the White Heron, Little Blue Heron, Heron the Tricolore. After a delicious traditional lunch back at the hotel.

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