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Good afternoon My name is Guido Torretta I am from Turin. I was in Costa Rica for the first time in 1990. I had gone to organize the World Cup, as the national Costa Rican team had qualified in the group of Turin of Italy 90.

We came back for 15 days, to check on these places the Residences of Flor de Pacifico. Here I got to know the people who lived there, meet the staff who ran it.  Then I came back another time and I got to buy a house from them, so we can go whenever we want. We usually stay for are a week, or 15 days at our house between friends and family. We relax quietly on the terrace, watching the Pacific Ocean.

There are some Italian people, both the staff and organization. There is an Italian restaurant, a pizzeria … We are here right now in our home at Flor de Pacifico.

When we want to go back to Costa Rica, we pull the plug, take the plane and return, we always hope to return as soon as possible. For further information please ask me, my advice go and spend a quiet holiday.

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