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Paolo’s testimony

Good morning, my name is Paolo Carbonatto, I am from Turin and I’m a doctor. For many years I’ve had thought of my retirement in the future I would like to buy a small real estate property in a place with a great weather all year round.

I’ve heard of Costa Rica and I met at an event organized in Turin some real state agents of Flor de Pacifico company, which builds houses in Costa Rica, in the Guanacaste area.

First I went to Costa Rica to see their properties then there I decided to make this purchase. The place is very beautiful, and they are serious people who provide the guarantee that serve in this case; the price is competitive because I would say that where I live in Liguria at that price you could buy a car garage, and there instead a person can buy a nice little house 200 meters from the sea, indeed, from the Pacific Ocean.

The place is very nice and very quiet. One can also rent a car and within a radius of 5-10 kilometers you can find the confusion, if you try to find.

This place if for tourism of quiet people who enjoy a peaceful life, who wants to be in contact with nature, where you can certainly live a very healthy lifestyle, breathing clean air, living in a relax atmosphere, eating natural foods, lots of fresh fruit. I would spend most of my time there at Residences Villaggio Flor de Pacifico when I decide to retire…Greetings to all, I hope I can see you all there in Costa Rica.


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