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Costa Rica will simply offers natural beaches, still untouched, where mass tourism is not covered. An ocean full of surprises, ideal for many activities, from deep sea fishing to scuba diving …


It starts from the Flamingo Marina, 3 km from the village, equipped with boats for deep sea fishing. Americans and Canadians are among the first you enjoy this sport. Particularly in these rich waters, the fishing is not exploited as a resource of the country.

During the trip, you will be attracted by many blue marlin that are encountered in the open ocean.


The name “snorkel” refers to the observation of the seabed from the floating surface wearing mask and fins. Unlike apnea it takes place on the surface and breathing, for this snorkel is affordable for almost everyone and requires a limited muscular effort and knowledge of very few technical notions.

The diver tells …

“It was a wonderful day of January, the sea was flat and clear water. We were coming back from a dive the reefs of Roca Sucia, content and relaxed exchanging the various sensations, when suddenly the commander Miguel shouts: “Tiburon Ballena”. I turn around and just meters from our boat there was a baby shark whale of at least 7 meters swimming on the water.

Without giving time to the other sub understand and organize myself and Andrea, a diving instructor, we slip the mask, we dive into the water and swim with him for at least ten minutes. I will never forget those big eyes staring at me curiously. Even after more than a thousand dives, this meeting will be an unforgettable experience. Diving among dozens of hammerhead sharks, white tip encounters with solitary. And still kick strokes breathlessly alongside giant manta rays, large whale sharks. And while we swim, do not forget to keep an eye on the bottom, which is also rich in fish that goes in and out from the crevices in the rock open.

Eraldo Galante


Among the structures on the target, they indicate two famous golf courses: GOLF CLUB MELIÁ and HACIENDA PINILLA

MELIÁ is an 18-hole American classic, very scenic. Inside you can find: restaurant, club-house, the Pro-shop.

PINILLA is regarded by the very technical and fascinating professionals. Half of its 18 holes are located on the seashore. Here you might meet some professionals who train in preparation for the tournament. Inside you will find: the ClubShop, the Pro-shop and a bar.

The golfer says …

Minutes from the Residences there are two of the most beautiful golf courses I have ever seen, the Melia and Pinilla, a little further away, the field of the Four Season. The charm of the Pinilla, is amazing, the emotion that make you feel part of nature, we realize how much we must respect it.

It’s one of those experiences that touch you. The camp is partly overlooking the sea, accuracy and technical course, if one considers the transfers measures 10 km, and often you have an opportunity to meet American professionals who train.

Francesco Romeo


You can “ride” a motorcycle or a four-track, including dirt roads that divide the sea from the forest (Motor – jungle), immerse yourself in the clear waters to encounter a sea turtle or a giant manta ray (Scuba Club), engage a rope (Canopy Tour) with a guide and jumping into the void above a forest or in a canyon of a volcano.

If you’re more relaxed and you want to enjoy your holiday, you can ride (horse – riding) on ​​the beach, visit the reserve of the Tortuguero or Palo Verde, which descend along the river to watch crocodiles at lunchtime, turtles river; play golf at least three complex of international level, admire amazed in the night giant turtles Careta-Careta, while laying eggs at Playa Grande.

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