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The most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica

Going to the beach is a must when traveling to Costa Rica and get a nice tan. It is not advisable, however, stay in the sun all day, since in Costa Rica the sun is much more direct and may cause burns that would ruin the holiday. The best thing to do is to use plenty of sunscreen that has a sun protection factor from high UVB rays.

Flor de Pacifico Residences are inserted in a area of beautiful beaches including white sand Playa Penca beach a blue flag for clean ocean and sheltered by tropical islands.


Name that originates of tiny pebbles shell that fill the bay; it’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica and the world.


The typical white sand, blue flag for clean sea and sheltered by tropical islands.  After Potrero beach a beautiful walking on the shore. A shuttle service, a ranch with deck chairs, snack-dining and shower


Secluded cove, typical for the sighting of manta rays at first light, rich in shellfish and pelicans, beach framed by rocks and recommended for snorkeling. There is no reef, but the purity and clarity of the seabed will make you discover tropical fish, rays, sea turtles and small manta rays


From the village and harbor famous for the world’s manifestations of deep-sea fishing, it is located by the headlands where actors and prominent people have built their vacation houses.


Beautiful and long beach for horse riding and take the first steps in the world of surfing, where skilled American teachers and ticos impart lessons at all levels. Animated day and night there are plenty of clubs, nightclubs, shops and multi-ethnic people.


Famous large beach in Costa Rica, in some periods of the year, the night destination for turtles to lay their eggs. From the Resiences Flor de Pacifico, you can make boat trips to visit all the coves and virgin beaches reachable only by sea.


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