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Claudio and Maurizia Testimonies

Claudio Hi, my name is Mauri, I am from Lake Como in Italy, I purchased a home in Costa Rica because I love it as country and the atmosphere, I love the nature and the tranquility I find here.

Advice, who is really looking to buy a home abroad you must look here in Costa Rica beacuse is a country that offeres a lot.

I bought the house through Mirica and Flor de Pacifico, everyting was perfect because they are the right people for me and I highly recommend it.


Hello, my name is Maurizia and I had chance to meet this wonderful family and with them I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica, place I always wanted to visit.

I could see the beautiful beaches, meet the locals and some people who have already bought from this company. I got a way to understand how it all worked there and I got some nice confirmations because people are happy with the Costa Rica way of living, their homes and the service they offer, this a great family.

I have been there and I can not wait to go back soon to buy my house. What are you waiting for?

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