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Giovanni Testimony

My name is Giovanni Spagnuolo I am an accounting in Florence Itay and a property owner in Villaggio Flor de Pacifico Costa Rica.

It has been two years since I bought a property in Costa Rica, initially I had great doubts about the problems in buying a property abroad in general, particularly in Latin America, however, through the contacts and the help of Promedia Tour, I could solve and also forget about all my concerns which I believe come to anyone who wants to buy a home abroad.

I got the right help from the people of Flor de Pacifico, through an agent has clarified all the major difficulties about buying a property.

I took a trip with my wife in the Residence of Potrero, where Flor de Pacifico has now built six groups of Residences and I got to see they way they are constructed, the technical requirements and seismic because Costa Rica is a country with high seismic activity, with many active volcanoes.

Since my first trip I could see Costa Rica natural beauty the element that both me and my wife love the most, we are especially excited about its nature, forests, and animals. So I purchased a property just a few meters from the Pacific Ocean, the beauty from the residence swimming pool (all the residences have a swimming pool and a service and everything is well mantain, and finished construction in all the details, and furnished minimal, if one wants), when we go to take a swing on the ocean, we can see and enjoy the sunset.


That’s all I can say, it is just to come down and see it personally and everyone surely will find something that you feel in love with. Thank you.


Proprietario immobile in Costa Rica

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